A Journey to the Creataceous besieged by Tyrannosaurs

Don't ask me how I got here. I couldn't tell you even if I knew. And honestly, I must admit that I don't know; in fact, I understand nothing about the science of time travel.

I can only tell you why I am here, at the edge of this clearing, perched in the branches of a giant mangrove: well, I am here because I signed a contract. They were looking for a motherless and fatherless paleontologist, with no wife or children.

One that no one would mourn in case of accidents. An experiment, I was told at the headquarters of Timing Inc. It was about spending a week in the Cretaceous in a year and in a locality of my choice, living on a platform built on trees 30 meters high. With descent and exploration at my peril.I did my math and agreed right away.

I really don't know how the whole thing works. The fact of the matter is that they had me already set up a shelter in the trees, as well as top-notch equipment.

The year and place? Obviously 65 million years ago, in Montana! The best choice for someone like me who has been studying the bone remains of Tyrannosaurus rex all my life. I could become the first paleontologist in the world to see a T. rex in action and to solve all those big and small mysteries that still surround his serial killer figure.

What would you guys have done in my place?

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