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What will the First City on Mars look like?

How many humans will it take to build it? What will happen to the effects of the planet's low gravity? And will it be ruled by any country on Earth, or will it have its government? In this video, we will find out!


For many years humanity and the most enthusiastic scientists have dreamed of the possibility of some to build a city on the planet Mars, from the first science fiction stories of the Adventures of John Carter to the discovery of the canals of Percival Lowell, who believed that there was an extraterrestrial civilization on the red planet that had built water channels all over the planet to distribute the vital liquid to all the population.

The idea of being able to populate our red neighbor has always been on everyone's mind, but it is until now that we can glimpse a slight possibility of making that dream possible.

00:00 | Intro

01:21 | Is it possible?

04:32 | Requirements for the first city on Mars

08:32 | The First City

11:00 | The Effects of Gravity

12:00 | Martian Government

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