# Sentimental Journey

Silent | SciFi | Himmelskibet aka A Trip to Mars | Colorized (1918)

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# Adventure

Tarzan of the Apes (1918)

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Tarzan of the Apes (1918)

Kohn and Alice Clayton set sail for Africa. Mutineers maroon them.

After his parents die, the newborn Tarzan is taken by a great Ape, Kala.

Later the boy finds his father's knife and uses it to become King of Apes.

Binns, the sailor who saved the Claytons and who has been held by Arab slavers for ten years, finds the young Tarzan and then heads for England to notify his kin. A scientist arrives to check out Binns' story. Tarzan, now a man, kills the native who killed Kala; when their chief is killed the black villagers appease Tarzan with gifts and prayers.

The scientist's daughter Jane is carried off by a native, rescued by Tarzan (who has burnt the native village), aggressively loved by him ("Tarzan is a man, and men do not force the love of women"), and at last accepts him with open arms.

# Sentimental Journey

Silent | Roscoe Arbuckle ft. Buster Keaton | The Cook (1918)

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# Music Madness

Gustav Holst | The Planets (1918)

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# Health

Spanish Flu | The Deadly Plague of 1918 105 years ago