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The Sphinx Erosion DOES Pre-Date the Pyramids

Just when you all thought I was becoming Mainstream Matt, I come out with a video title like this.

Ok, let me just say, I always try to follow the evidence, question everything, mainstream and alternative, and I’m willing to accept a complete mainstream opinion if I can’t disprove it or there is no better alternative, or that’s where the evidence points towards, however unpopular that may be.  

I found Robert Schoch’s interpretation of the Sphinx enclosure far from conclusive, both the geophysical work and the geological interpretation of the erosion on the enclosure wall. Many independent geologists also disagree with Schoch. Jean Pierre Houdin’s work on the dating of the erosion, using the topographical maps of Giza and detailed computer models and associated diagrams, together with supporting views from a number of independent geologists also seemed definitive.

I followed the evidence and could not disprove the very logical and scientific work by Houdin and I’d spent all Christmas trying to figure it out. It was actually annoying me because I was working on a hypothesis of the origins of the Sphinx in the late pre-dynastic period.

Before Christmas, the end result of my research was that the so-called surface run-off erosion on the Sphinx enclosure must be dynastic in age because to get the pattern we see, it had to come after the pyramid quarries were dug and the Khafre causeway was built. I’ll keep the video up for reference because this channel really is about charting my journey and my learning, and I think that is important.

This was actually a huge anti-climax for me because although I didn’t believe The Sphinx was 10,000 years old, I did think it was late Pre-dynastic or Early Dynastic in origin.

But now I can happily admit: I was wrong, well, not really me, but it appears that Jean Pierre Houdin was wrong, because I received a very welcomed email from geologist Colin Reader who could provide the hard evidence to say that the run-off erosion on the Sphinx enclosure, could only have happened before the 4th dynasty pyramids, and in this video I’m going to explain everything.

All images are taken from Google Images or provided by Colin Reader and are used for educational purposes only.

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