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The Mystery of the Uninscribed Rock-Cut Tomb of Giza

With this subject matter, there is a severe lack of photographs and diagrams and by all accounts a severe lack of interest by the experts, but what I’m showing you in this video is what I believe is another truly ancient rock-cut tomb of Giza, something that pre-dates most structures on the plateau.

This video is to merely get this structure onto your radar and it’s something that needs further investigation. So, if you’re on the ground at Giza and if permission allows, if you can send me any video or pictures of Mastaba G8884, that would be amazing.

It is located east of the Tomb of Kai, south of the Khafre causeway and close to the Sphinx. It is built to the southeast of one of the old central quarries and is carved directly from the bedrock.

It was excavated in the early 1930s by the brilliant Selim Hassan, who writes about it in a report that I’ve linked below in the description.

He describes it as older than the mastaba’s that surround it. In front of it there is a large courtyard, measuring 40 metres by 5.6 metres, which is pretty much the whole length of the mastaba. 

Mudbrick walls bound the southern and eastern sides of the courtyard. The lower parts still remain and interestingly, they display the palace façade style of decoration, just like we see on the Tomb of Khentkawes and the Tomb of Kai, two structures that show clear evidence of pre-dating the 4th dynasty.

So, watch this video and learn more about this fascinating and mysterious structure and why I think it may even pre-dates the pyramids of Giza in Egypt.

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