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The Mystery of the Great Pyramid Air Shafts

Inside the Great Pyramid of Egypt there are four well-known shafts, two that emanate from the King’s Chamber and two from the Queen’s Chamber below and although a number of hypotheses have been put forward as to what these shafts are, nobody can say they

To our knowledge, we don’t find shafts like these in any other Egyptian pyramid and every hypothesis that tries to explain them ultimately fails in the detail. They are key features of the Great Pyramid and great effort went into incorporating them into the structure. Therefore I believe that the shafts may well be the key to unlocking the function of the Great Pyramid and towards the end of this video I’ll be presenting a little-known hypothesis that to me makes the most sense - that they are in fact related to sound and resonance.

In this video I will also go through the history of the shafts, from their documentation in the 1600s with George Sandys and John Greaves, to Howard Vyse in the 19th Century and then onto the more recent discoveries by the famous pyramid rovers. Watch now to learn more.

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