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The Great Pyramid of Egypt and the Binary Pole Star Thuban

The age of the pyramids is a subject that has been covered in-depth on this channel and many other channels and although there is much discussion, there does seem to be little agreement and even I continually change my opinion when analysing various piece

Egyptologists, Graham Hancock and Robert Bauval are accepting of the claim that the Giza Pyramids are Old Kingdom, dynastic constructions, built during the 4th dynasty.

But was the Great Pyramid built to commemorate the star Thuban becoming the new Pole Star in 2787 BC and therefore does it actually pre-date the 4th dynasty estimates by experts?

Thuban isn't just any star. As well as being the main star in the constellation of Draco, NASA has recently discovered it is a binary star, with one eclipsing the other as they rotate around one another.

This is a speculative and theoretical as we take an introductory look at the Great Pyramid and it's relationship with the celestial pole. Please like and subscribe, and please comment below.

All images are taken from Google Images for educational purposes only. The animated video is courtesy of NASA:

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