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The Evolution of Cinema (1878 - 2017)

For this video I have selected the most popular movies throught the history, basing on their comercial success and relevance.

Before seeing the video you should know a few things:

- I know that I forgot a lot of very important movies in the history of the cinema, but you have to understand that I cannot include all because the video would be incredibly long.

- As I said in the last video, feel free to mention the movies that I have forgotten in the comments section to expand the video content. In the same way, if any date is incorrect you can correct it.

- I have not selected those films that marked the development of a genre or film stream. I have selected the most popular and better known ones by people. That's why I've included so many American movies and less of other countries, because a lot of the most famous movies throughout history are from the U.S.

- As I did in ‘’The evolution of music’’ video, this video is made with the intention of collecting the most famous films of the history in one place, and for people to discover new works that perhaps did not know from this wonderful art.

Again, this is gonna be a long ride throught the history of cinematography, so take a sit and enjoy.

Thanks for watching!

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