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Secrets of the Lost Underworld of Giza in Egypt

My last few videos have been like a series and if you’ve been following them, you’ll see that it’s not just me explaining one specific idea, but the evolution of an idea as my research expands.

It started with a look into the subterranean chamber of the Great Pyramid and in the last video it ended with this strange feature that is built onto the northeastern edge of the Giza Plateau, close to the causeway of the Great Pyramid.

Esteemed independent researcher and engineer Jean Kerisel thought the only way for Khufu’s tomb to be surrounded by water beneath the Great Pyramid, is if it linked up with the canal system that surrounded the plateau, therefore maintaining a constant water level. Therefore, Kerisel believed, and I agree, that there must be a now-concealed entrance on the edge of the plateau, somewhere close to the Great Pyramid and I show the most likely location in this video.

What I believe is an entrance is a rectangular feature using this as a reference point, I extended this rectanglar shape across the Giza Plateau and amazingly, as well as crossing the Khafre causeway at precisely 90 degrees, it lines up perfectly with the late 4th/early 5th dynasty 'pyramid' of Queen Khentkawas. So could there be an entrance into the Subterranean Underworld inside this ancient tomb?

In this video, I gather the evidence and take you through my research and I believe there is a secret chamber inside this tomb that has been hidden in plain sight for 4,500 years. Could this be an entrance into the subterranean canals? I think it's certainly possible. Watch this video to learn more, please like, comment and subscribe to the Ancient Architects channel for more in the coming weeks.

All images are taken from Google Images and the sources mentioned below. Some images belong to Colin Reader, AERA, Keith Hamilton and Isida Project, all of which are found in Keith Hamilton's guide linked below.

Videos to watch:

Queen Khentkawes:

Subterranean Chamber:

Ports and Canals of Giza:

Entrance into the Plateau:

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