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Lost Wooden Relic of the Great Pyramid of Giza rediscovered!

Although I love the ancient world, not many news stories get me quite as excited as this one and make no mistake, this could be the most important discovery, no, re-discovery regarding the Great Pyramid since it was first explored.

The small fragment of cedar wood, which was discovered by Mr Waynman Dixon in the Queen’s Chamber Northern shaft in 1872, but lost for more than 70 years has been re-discovered at the University of Aberdeen and this is the only organic archaeological find that can give us a radiocarbon date for the Great Pyramid’s construction.

Lets give Curatorial Assistant, Abeer Eladany, the person who made the re-discovery, all the praise that she deserves because she may have just found the one thing that would date the Great Pyramid of Egypt, the subject of so much controversy.

And yes, the cedar wood has been radiocarbon dated to somewhere in the period of 3.341 to 3.094 BC - some 500 years earlier than historical records, which date the Great Pyramid to reign of 4th dynasty king, Khufu.

This is huge and I’ll discuss the implications of the age of the Dixon Relics in this video.

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