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Locating the Lost Fourth Pyramid of Giza

Around two years ago I published a video titled the Lost Pyramid of Giza in Egypt, where I discussed the evidence surrounding the idea that there were in fact four main pyramids on the Giza plateau - not three, which would have huge repercussions for alte

If it could be proved, it could well end the Orion hypothesis, that the pyramids of Giza were built to mimic the three stars of Orion’s belt, but could it really be true? Could there have once been a fourth pyramid?

The only evidence we really have comes from Frederik Ludvig Norden, a Danish naval captain and explorer who lived between 1708 and 1742.

He voyaged through Egypt and all the way down to Sudan between 1737 and 1738, on the request of King Christian VI of Denmark. He made extensive, detailed notes, observations and drawings of everything that he saw and his book: Travels in Egypt and Nubia, was published 15 years after his death. Norden is a credible source and he gives us a detailed account of what this pyramid looked like and also where it was.

Using Norden's own words, looking at the topography of the land and also drawing on my research from the past couple of years, I believe I have found the best possible location for where the lost, fourth pyramid of Giza once stood, and it is all thanks to a poorly understood structure on the plateau known as 'The Wall of the Crow.'

So where is it? And what happened to it? Watch the video to learn more.

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