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Journey to a Black Hole | Uncovering a Mystery

We are surrounded by an intangible infinity: a universe in which the Earth is merely a grain of sand on the shore of an ocean. But we are unravelling more and more of the secrets of the universe which surrounds us.

And that includes black holes, bottomless pits like the jaws of hell which devour all material that comes too close to them. Even light has no chance of escaping from them. But how does a Black Hole form? Are there any near us? And can they pose a threat to us? A look at the universe presents us with pictures of fascinating and confusing beauty: landscapes of light and gas and stardust, formed by cosmic wind and radiation.

Our telescopes are discovering more and more wonders of the universe. They are looking far out into space and thus far back into the past. The centre of our galaxy is marked by a super-heavy Black Hole: an astronomical object with an inconceivable gravitational pull.

Nothing can escape from it. The black hole at the centre of our galaxy is known as Sagittarius A-star. Of enormous size, it devours everything while remaining totally invisible.

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