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Geopolymer Hiding the Secret Chamber?

After my last video on secret chambers hidden within the bedrock beneath the Great Pyramid, I had a number of comments regarding how possible this actually was. For a start, how would you be able to hide them if they were hollowed out of the bedrock.

You can’t just cover over the entrance with a limestone block because it will obviously stand out. This is the bedrock we’re talking about, not the core masonry of the pyramid.

This is the number one problem with the hypothesis but it certainly isn’t impossible to explain. Researching scientific research on the Great Pyramid, I found an article from the New York Times from November 2006, titled Scientist Says Concrete Was Used in Pyramids.

The work of Michel Barsoum, a Professor of Materials Engineering at Drexel University in Philadelphia has shown that parts of the pyramid was not carved blocks, but cast - a limestone-like geopolymer concrete was used for casings stones, lining some internal passages and also for the uppermost courses of the core masonry of the Great Pyramid.

So, how do you conceal a secret chamber within the bedrock below the Great Pyramid? Line the walls and floor with a geopolymer concrete - and there evidence to say it is possible.

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