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Evolution of Personal Transport (1920-2020)

The evolution of personal transport from 1920 to 2020 has exploded in the last few decades. This is mainly thanks to small powerful electric motors that keep getting smaller and more efficient every year.

There have been many notable useful and creative transportation gadgets in the last century, here are some of them:

1920s Monowheel

1920s Autoped

1920s Autoped

1930s The Corgi

1940s MK1 Welbike

1940s Cushman Scooter

1950s Mobylette

1950s Mopetta

1960s Motorized Roller Skates

1960s Personal Hovercraft

1960s Personal Hovercraft

1960s Personal Hovercraft

1960s Peel P50

1970s Mobylette

1980s Roll Ex

1990s Roller Cycle

2000s Motoboard

2000s Segway

2000s Electric Bikes

2000s Ryno Micro-Cycle

2000s Wheelman Gas Skateboard

2000s Trikke Electric

2010s Hoverboard

2010s Solowheel

2010s IOTAtrax

2010s Doped Bikes

2010s Electric Drift Trike

2010s Electric Scooter

2010s Boosted Boards

2010s Hoverwheels

2020s Walkcar

2020s CityGo Urban

2020s Solar Powered E-bike: Daymak Beast

2020s Honda UNI-CUB

2020s Schaeffler Four Wheeled Electric Bike

2020s Two Wheeled Electric Car

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