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Evidence of Ancient High Technology at Al-Naslaa?

This incredible pair of standing stones of Al-Naslaa, is located at the Tayma Oasis in Saudi Arabia and of course, it looks like a huge boulder cut in half with laser-like precision.

Ever since it was first discovered in 1883 by Charles Huvor, the formation has fuelled debates amongst academics, alternative researchers and tourists, and there are many who believe that what we are looking at is evidence of Ancient High Technology – precision stone cutting at its very finest. Just look how straight that cut is!

The Tayma Oasis is rich in history with even possible ties to a Babylonian king and there is no doubt that this rock would have caught attention in days gone by, just like it has today.

It displays a fantastic example of historic rock art, with what looks like a horse and a human engraved onto it. Therefore, the laser-like cut aside, it is archaeologically significant.

But it is the straight cut down the centre that really captures the imagination, especially because each stone looks to be balancing on its own small stone pedestal. Both are precariously balancing side by side yet the stones don’t even touch.

So, is this rock outcrop in the middle of a Saudi Arabian desert evidence of Ancient High Technology? Is it even man made? Or is it a natural geological wonder? Watch this video to learn more.

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