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Do Human Brains Synchronise?

In recent years, humans have discovered that our planet Earth might not be as unique as we thought. Sure, it's the only world we know of to harbour life, but many signs point to our planet being one of just many habitable bodies out there in the cosmos.

To make a planet suitable for life you're going to need the presence of an atmosphere, and it's going to need to hold on to that atmosphere for a period of time known as forever.Based on our modern technological capabilities, Professor Gros believes that a Genesis mission could be sent within as little as a few decades thanks to the imminent development of unmanned, micro-spacecraft.

Your brain is uniquely yours. There is no other brain on the planet which acts in the same way as yours. Have you ever had a conversation with someone where it felt like you were talking to another version of yourself?From a behavioural perspective, the study of biological creatures is often limited to the external; i.e. what we can see an animal doing.

Brains do not exist independently of other brains; depending on the species, they exist within a world inhabited by hundreds, thousands, millions or billions of others which are interacting and responding just like them. Screen reader support enabled.

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