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Discovering the Lost Egyptian Pyramid of Edfu

With a lack of archaeology news coming out of the world I decided to delve back into the archive of new discoveries over the past 10 years to see if I can find some interesting nuggets of information that may not be well known, discoveries from before I b

I came across a story from February 3rd, 2014, when archaeologists discovered a 4,600-year-old step pyramid near the ancient settlement of Edfu in southern Egypt:

This pyramid is estimated to have stood as high as 43 feet or 13 metres and is one of seven so-called provincial pyramids built by either Pharaoh Huni or Sneferu.

Today it only stands 16 feet or 5 metres tall because over the millennia, the stone blocks were pillaged and the monument was exposed to weathering.

The so-called provincial pyramids are scattered throughout central and southern Egypt, located near major settlements. They have no internal chambers and were also not burial structures. Six of the seven known structures have almost identical dimensions and this includes the one discovered in 2013 near Edfu.

So what was their purpose? Find out what the experts think, as well as more about this amazing discovery from 10 years ago, by watching this new video.

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