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Coronavirus 17-05 | More then 4.700.000 cases, 316.000 dead

Coronavirus is more than just a lung infection. From the first known instance of Covid-19 nearly half a year ago in the Chinese city of Wuhan medical scientists are still learning all the ways the virus can cause harm.

A research team at New York's Irving Medical Center says it has never seen so many extreme, abnormal cases.

In a new study, scientists say that thromboses and pulmonary embolisms were frequently found in the deceased, something intensive care medics have already suspected.

Intensive care medics from China, North America, and Europe are seeing more and more thromboses caused by blood clots. These blood clots are not just dangerous for a patient's limbs.

They can break away and affect the lungs, the heart, or the brain in the form of pulmonary embolisms, heart attacks, or strokes.

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