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Coronavirus 08-05 | More then 4.000.000 cases, 275.000 dead

In Brazil there is growing pressure on President Bolsonaro over what has been described as his “chaotic' response” to the coronavirus pandemic.

South America's largest nation has seen 114,000 cases and almost 8,000 deaths. But despite this and a health system under immense strain, the president denies it’s a serious problem. 

Meanwhile the pandemic is reported to be having a devastating impact on African wildlife. The tourism industry has collapsed and thousands of people have lost their jobs. 

With fewer visitors and safari guides there's been a surge in the number of animals being poached. Conservationists are warning that decades of progress are being undone. 

Huw Edwards presents BBC News at Ten reports from Katy Watson in Brazil — and Environment Correspondent Claire Marshall. 

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