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Ancient Egyptian Elite Burials and Gold Treasure Discovered

There has been a significant new discovery in Egypt, of a number of tombs, sarcophagi and treasure trove of grave goods, all dating to the late Pharaonic Period of Ancient Egyptian history.

The discovery was made in the village of Tuna al-Gabal, approximately 180 miles away from the city of Minya, and as well as human remains, excavations have unearthed thousands of mummified ibis birds.

There are 16 tombs in total, which collectively contain 20 limestone sarcophagi, which were placed in cross-shaped cuttings on the floor of the chambers.

Experts have dated these tombs to between 664 and 399 BC, also known as the Late Pharaonic Period, and although they are more than 2,000 years old, the tombs were in good condition.

But as well as the burials, there were also a number of important artefacts found at the location, including 10,000 blue and green ushabti figurines. These have a human form, are often found in Ancient Egyptian burials and were offered to serve the deceased in the afterlife.

There was also an incredible golden amulet of a winged cobra - a symbol of authority and also royalty in Ancient Egypt.

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