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10 Family Guy Moments That Went Too Far

Family guy is one of the most popular network animated shows in modern history and continues to go strong. Part of the charm of family guy is how offensive it can be and how willing the writers are to push the envelope of what can be said on primetime.

But even with that, sometimes family guy goes too far with its own material and crosses a line. There’s a joke about Peter Griffin’s skintone being questioned after he joins an illegal organization in relation to a threat meter, where the darker the tone, the more dangerous the being.

The show also made fun of Michael J. Fox’s Parkinson’s Disease, which can seem like a low blow. Herbert is one of the creepier characters on the show and has an unhealthy obsession with Chris Griffin but his past is explored and we get a German connection in one episode.

The show also drives in a critical health issue in a barbershop quartet-because subtlety doesn’t exist here. Two of the family guy episodes got banned, one of them was more of a publicity stunt but the second actually only got aired on dvd for its material.

The infamous “prom night dumpster baby” is of course, on this list as it made fun of a real and baffling story. Seth MacFarlane also made fun of the late Kennedys in a pretty unsettling way. Then we get two creepy moments dealing with adult men, one of them being Quagmire and the other being Bill Cosby, knowing what we know now.

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