World's Largest Underground City Uncovered in Turkey

In recent years Turkey has been a hotbed for incredible archaeological discoveries and this one is yet another fine example as experts have discovered what is believed to be the largest underground city ever discovered.

In the Midyat district of Mardin, an area already rich in history and protected as a UNESCO World Heritage site, an enormous underground city has been discovered, which has been called Matiate, which translates to ‘city of caves.’

So far, archaeologists have uncovered 49 rock-cut rooms, including places of worship, water wells, silos, numerous corridors and tunnels, and astonishingly, they estimate that only 3% of this lost underground city has been excavated so far.

Experts know it was used, uninterruptedly for 1,900 years and it was apparently originally built as a religious hiding place or place of escape. Watch this video to find out more about this major new archaeological discovery, the world's largest underground historic city.

All images are taken from Google Images and the below sources for educational purposes only. 

Matt Sibson
Ancient Architects