WITHIN | Storytelling for Virtual Reality

Experience the best in Virtual Reality storytelling directly from your browser with the power of WebVR.

WITHIN will be kicking of its inaugural Fright Fest Collection today with eight experiences, including five app premieres. These premieres will include:

The Caretaker​ – created by Jacob Wasserman, Adam Donald, and Ant Gentile of Hidden Content. This follows the mysterious occurrences at a strange hotel when a couple arrives to wait for a mechanic after their car breaks down on a cold winter night.

An Obituary​ – created by Jean Yoon, Kuk-seok Yang, and Jin-hee Kim. The experience charts the unsettling course of a funeral when the man attending realizes he is the sole mourner alongside the deceased’s grieving mother. Why is there nobody else in the village?

11:57​ – is a first-person POV nightmare in which you are strapped to a chair in a dark cave. The experience revolves around your every move, but may leave you cowering under your bed.

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