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Web3.0 | A Libertarian Dystopia

In today’s video I’m looking into all the hype surrounding Web3, blockchain technology, NFTs, and trying to work out WHY this is all happening.

The Folding Ideas video ‘Line Goes Up’ came out as I was researching this, and I found that even though we had come to the same conclusion on many aspects of this, I actually came to a different conclusion as to why I think this is all happening - and it’s much more dystopian than most people think.

This technology is dangerous and could ruin people’s lives in more ways than just losing out on their investments when the bubble deflates or pops.

I have found that many people on the left don’t like this technology but they’re not quite sure why - so my video focusses more on how Bitcoin in particular has strong ties to far-right extremism which was birthed out of the Great Depression in the 1930s, and how the extremely libertarian & conservative Ethereum founder, Peter Thiel, wants to harvest data for the purposes of governing society with rigid code, and he’s getting Jordan Peterson to help.

00:00:00 - Intro

00:06:41 - NFTs

00:12:17 - Gary Vee's NFTs

00:18:16 - Celebrity NFTs

00:19:22 - Play-to-earn NFTs

00:23:02 - NFT marketing works exactly like MLMs

00:26:08 - Influencers and Poocoins, Securities Fraud

00:36:53 - Cryptoland

00:41:22 - Web2 vs Web3

00:43:43 - Banking the Unbanked

00:47:12 - Is it secure?

00:52:10 - Sending money internationally?

00:54:39 - bUt tHe FeD pRiNtS mOnEy

01:02:05 - The Superbowl Crypto ads & the "Early days" argument

01:06:37 - Bitcoin: The Gold Standard & Right-Wing Extremism

01:18:27 - Ethereum: Peter Thiel wants your data to build a Libertarian utopia

01:33:29 - Is this a bubble?

01:38:29 - My Man's a Hexagon

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