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Christian Heidorn #Artificial Intelligence

Watch the Longest AI Trailer I've Ever Made

After recently diving deeper into AI video and playing around a lot with Runway's Motion Brush feature, I decided to dig deeper.

In fact, I decided that I wanted to hand in a submission for Runway's AI Film Festival 2024.

I don't necessarily think that I stand a chance to win anything but it was a great way to set myself a goal.

I originally hoped that I would be able to put together my little film within a week or so but then things took another turn.

All in all, I worked on this AI film trailer for 7 days but it was spread over a total of 2 weeks.

And the deeper you get into this stuff, the more you start to obsess over details and want everything to be perfect.

Speaking of perfection, there really is no such thing and I came ot realize that even though all of these tools are immensely powerful, nothing beats a good story.

I'll be the first to say that the story of "Shadows of Tomorrow" isn't perfect and crafting a story, even with the help of ChatGPT, is much more difficult that you might think.

I have a tremendous amount of respect for storytellers and given some of the challenges I had during this experiment, it's only gotten greater.

That being said, I still amazing what you can put together all by yourself within just a few days with the help of Midjourney, Runway Gen 2, ElevenLabs, and some great stock music and sound effects.

And it only makes want to dive even deeper into it all.

I hope you enjoy my AI trailer "Shadows of Tomorrow" and wish me luck for the AI Film Festival.

Because, who knows...

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