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Virgin Galactic's Richard Branson Future Plans

What If you could go on your computer, book a ticket and then go to space. Well, that's exactly the plan of Virgin Galactic in the coming years.

Virgin galactic is planning to make commercialised space flight accessible to an average person. 

So, what is Virgin Galactic's future plan to go and take everyone to space?

Here are Branson Future Plans

Virgin galactic was founded back in 2004 by two strong figures in aviation industry, Bert Rutan and Richard Branson. Bert Rutan is a brilliant aircraft designer often known for building light, efficient and sometimes strange looking aircrafts. 

He designed the Rutan Voyager in the 80’s which became the first plane to circumnavigate the globe without stopping or refuelling. On the other hand, Richard Branson is no rookie either!! He founded the virgin group back in the 70’s which today encompasses over 400 companies in various different fields including the very famous Virgin Atlantic airline.

The white knight 2 is a 4-engine dual fuselage jet aircraft that flew initially back in 2010. It has a pretty impressive turnaround time and is able to complete four flights daily.

But the part that will actually get you into space is spaceship 2.

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