Victor Lustig | The Con Man Who Sold the Eiffel Tower (Twice)

Who sold the Eiffel tower? What was the magic money box scam? Who really was Victor Lustig? And how did this fraudster get so rich?

Well the story of this infamous con man / scam artist involves running a counterfeit banknote operation that was so big that it posed a serious risk to the entire economy, along with countless get rich quick schemes - including 'the magic money box' scam that could allegedly duplicate $100 bills (but really just conned his wealthy victims out of their money).

Victor Lustig (or Robert Miller - or any of his other aliases) was a dangerous and successful con man - but most of all, he will be remembered as the man who sold the Eiffel tower. Twice.

This is the crazy true story of how a broke petty thief became one of the most wanted men in the world.

This is the story of Victor Lustig

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