unreal-engine 4 years ago
Unreal Engine #The Metaverse

Unreal Engine 4 | Ridiculous Realistic Looking Characters!

A new year for Unreal Engine 4 technology to shine! GDC 2018 showed us how great the future of Unreal Engine 4 can look. Especially characters can look better then ever!

What you are going to see:

3 demos from Epic from the GDC 2018 

1: Andy Serkis Real-Time Performance

2: Siren Real-Time Performance

3: Star Wars UE4 Tech Demo

4: Goblin From Harry Potter (Baolong Zhang)

5: Jyn Erso (Baolong Zhang)

6: Dwarf Dwalin from The Hobbit (Baolong Zhang)

7: Kaleesi (Game Of Thrones) (Baolong Zhang)

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