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Unlock the Power of Midjourney v5 | A Prompting Guide

Midjourney version 5 is out for alpha testing (March 15, 2023) and I've got good news and bad news. There's some great news if you're a creator who likes realism. You're going to be squealing like a happy pig! But there's some bad news if you like MJ's default style.

The style is gone - or maybe just hidden away in a cupboard while MJ team plays with a shiny new AI camera. Let's take a look at how v5 is different from previous versions and how you might need to change your prompts to get the best results.

00:00 | Intro

00:29 | How to turn on v5

01:00 | Default v5 style: Realism

01:24 | Amazing hands!

02:49 | Details in v5

03:55 | How to prompt style in v5

05:31 | Prompting tips for v5

06:53 | Banned words in v5

07:39 | Clean up prompts for v5

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