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This AI Guru thinks we Might be in Extinction Level Trouble

Lauded for his groundbreaking work in reverse-engineering OpenAI's large language model, GPT-2, AI expert Connor Leahy tells Imran Garda why he is now sounding the alarm.

Leahy is a hacker, researcher and expert on Artificial General Intelligence. He is the CEO of Conjecture, a company he co-founded to focus on making AGI safe. He shares the view of many leading thinkers in the industry, including the godfather of AI Geoffrey Hinton, who fear what they have built.

They argue that recent rapid unregulated research combined with the exponential growth of AGI will soon lead to catastrophe for humanity - unless an urgent intervention is made.

00:00 AI guru

02:11 What is AGI, and what are the risks it could bring?

03:51 "Nobody knows why AI does what it does"

05:41 From an AI enthusiast to advocating for a more cautious approach to AI development

07:58 What does Connor expect to happen when we lose control to AGI?

11:40 "People like Sam Altman are rockstars"

14:38 Connor's vision of a safe AI future

15:24 Imran: "One year left?"

17:26 "Normal people do have the right intuition about AI"

20:58 ChatGPT, limitations of AI, and a story about a frog

24:53 Control AI

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