The True Origins of Giza | Cover-up or Complacency?

In my last video I presented the most recent information and expert opinions concerning the Kromer Dump, which, for those that don’t know, is a crescent-shaped, ancient trash heap located south of the pyramids of Giza, first excavated in the 1970s by Karl Kromer, and then again by the Ancient Egypt Research Associates, or AERA, in 2018.

From their recent excavations, the AERA believed that this dump was created in the 4th dynasty, and although this is a tentative interpretation based on limited new excavations, there is an elephant in the room that needs addressing.

Yes, this dump could well have been created in the 4th dynasty - as they state, and, as an amateur historical researcher, I can’t critique their excavations, analysis and conclusions.

But the age of the creation of the dump is just one part of it; the other is the age of the actual material inside it.

The 2018 AERA publications imply that the material inside the Kromer Dump is all 4th dynasty in origin - but is this really the case?

Kromer certainly didn't think so, and Maira Torcia Rigillo, a scholar who specialises in ancient clay sealings, also believed the Kromer Dump shows evidence of a Giza settlement with a long history, existing way before the Great Pyramid was built. Watch this video to learn more.

Matt Sibson
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