The Neben Pyramide | A Mystery in the Great Pyramid Complex

Whilst I’m studying the Giza plateau, I thought I’d take a short break from my research to present something I’ve come across, as many of you may never have heard of it before – and it’s directly related to the Great Pyramid of Egypt.

There is a structure, well a substructure, cut into the bedrock, near the southeastern corner of the Great Pyramid, and it has been referred to as the Neben Pyramide, which I believe means ‘secondary pyramid’ in German.

Now, this is only a short video because, quite frankly, there is next to no information available, no video footage, and no photographs as far as I can see, and so I’m left with little to show of it except a few old diagrams.

But that doesn't make this substructure any less interesting or mysterious and so, in this video, I'll give you all of the information available, as well as the possible explanations as to what the 'Nebenpyramide' structure could have been.

00:00 - Introduction

01:06 - The Neben Pyramide

02:57 - Position in the Great Pyramid Complex

04:36 - Was it a Pyramid?

06:05 - Was it an Older Tomb?

06:34 - Comparison to Khafre Satellite Pyramid

08:09 - An Earlier Giza Blueprint?

10:00 - Compare to 5th Dynasty Pyramids

11:04 - Conclusion

Matt Sibson
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