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The Insane Scale of Europe’s New Mega-Tunnel

Denmark is building a record-breaking tunnel to Germany. The tunnel, going 40 meters under the Baltic Sea, will connect Denmark and Germany, reducing travel time between the two countries.

The project was planned for more than ten years and only in 2020 the construction of the Fehmarnbelt Tunnel began.

This comes months after the completion of the temporary harbor on the Danish side, which will house the factory that will soon build the 89 massive concrete sections that will make up the tunnel.

The length of the tunnel will be 18 kilometers, which is one of the largest infrastructure projects in Europe. The budget for its construction is more than 7 billion euros. For comparison: the 50-kilometer tunnel under the English Channel that connected England and France, completed in 1993, cost the equivalent of $13.6 million.

Although the Channel Tunnel is longer than the Fehmarnbelt, it was built using a boring machine rather than by submerging pre-built tunnel sections.

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