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The Improbable Timeline of the Mega-Pyramid Builders

The Old Kingdom period of Ancient Egypt was a truly remarkable time in history, an era of mighty mega-projects that are still standing today, achievements unsurpassed in human history. But is this really when the giant pyramids were built?

It seems to have come out of nowhere - lifting the Dynastic Egyptian Civilization from the stone-age to the advanced technology required to build the Great Pyramid of Giza in a very short period of time. Only then to seemingly disappear again, never to be repeated, although the Egpytian civilization continued on for thousands of years. 

The closer you look at this time period, the less sense it makes, and the more contradictions that appear in in the story of history. Join me as I explore the details of this lost era of history and look in detail at the improbable timeline of the Old Kingdom mega-pyramid builders.

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