The Homeless Orphan Who Built Domino's

In this business documentary we'll go on a journey through the history of Domino's business, from back when it was a single store called Dominick's, to present day where Domino's is a gigantic global brand making billions of dollars.

In many ways, the Domino's story is an incredible rags to riches story, as Tom Monaghan had a very rough start in life and had to overcome countless obstacles to build Domino's into such a successful company. However Domino's business has at times been surrounded by controversy - such as their 'deadly delivery driver' problem (as a result of a marketing campaign), the hostage situation as a result of their NOID mascot, and a disastrous viral YouTube video that severely hurt Domino's brand & finances.

There is definitely a lot to learn from Domino's story, including why Domino's was one of the best investments you could have made in the last decade (as Domino's stock was one of the best performing stocks of the 2010's, bringing investors a staggering return on their investment).

If you've ever wanted to know how Domino's started, or why Domino's became successful - sit back and enjoy this MagnatesMedia business documentary about the history of Domino's Pizza (aka the story of how a homeless orphan boy built Domino's).

In this history of Domino's we also answer popular questions like: Why is Domino's called Dominos pizza? Who invented Domino's pizza? What is Domino's Pizza timeline? When did Domino's start? How did Domino's get its name? How did Domino's grow? How did Domino's get started? How did Dominos revolutionize the pizza box? How did Dominos rebrand? How did Domino's improve? How did Domino's become successful? Why did Domino's stock price increase so much? And lots more...

00:00 | Intro: The Story of Domino's Pizza

01:06 | Chapter 1: Tom's Troubled Early Life

11:05 | Chapter 2: Dominick's 

16:03 | Chapter 3: A Very Bad Deal

20:29 | Chapter 4: Name Change

23:02 | Start Your Business With Shopify 

24:03 | Chapter 5: The Rise of Domino's 

30:04 | Chapter 6: Debt

33:02 | Chapter 7: Deadly Drivers

36:25 | Chapter 8: Noid

38:27 | How To Make Videos Like MagnatesMedia

38:59 | Chapter 9: The Boycott

41:18 | Chapter 10: The Viral Video

43:48 | Final Chapter: Crisis

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