The Evil Economics of Tinder

How does Tinder make money? Why is Tinder so profitable?

This Tinder documentary looks at the evil economics of Tinder, how Tinder REALLY makes so much money, and a journey into the extremely profitable world of microtransactions in online dating. The history of Tinder is full of drama, so enjoy this business mini movie from MagnatesMedia!

You might think that Tinder is designed to help you meet people. Find Love. Find The One. But in reality, Tinder wants none of this. Every time someone finds a partner, they’ve just lost 2 customers. And that’s bad for business. Instead, Tinder has used a genius strategy to monetize loneliness, which has helped it become one of the most profitable apps in the entire world.

You see, on the one hand, Tinder is an incredible business success story, and they’ve managed to completely revalorize online dating. But on the other hand, there are countless allegations that the company has put profits before people, and toyed with the most fundamental human emotion… Love.

For example, did you know Tinder gives everyone a secret score that ranks how desirable they are, which determines how often to show their profile? Or did you know that the creator of rival app Bumble was actually a co-founder of Tinder, but then she quit after suing the company, and alleging two of her Tinder co-founders sexually harassed her?

And did you also know that the company that owns Tinder also owns pretty much all the other popular matchmaking services, and remember they’re financially motivated to not find you a partner, since that would remove you from their target market. Welcome to the INSANE story of Tinder..

I hope you enjoy this look through how tinder makes money, and the crazy history of Tinder / the story behind Tinder's rise (and Tinder's controversies along the way).

00:00 | The Story of Tinder

01:28 | YOU

02:42 | Match Box

04:51 | The Rapid Rise

06:07 | Controversy

07:53 | Making Money

14:23 | The Tinder Paradox

16:06 | The Final Twist