everyday-astronaut 7 months ago
Everyday Astronaut #Space and Time

The Entire Soviet Rocket Engine Family Tree

Today we’re going to actually straighten out the confusing family tree of the Soviet rocket engines by drawing out a super comprehensive chart of almost every engine that has flown to orbit while also walking you through some INCREDIBLE stories and fun anecdotes behind these engines.


00:00:00 - Intro

00:02:45 - Chart, Key, Tips And Glossary

00:11:45 - The Origins Of Soviet Rocket Engines

00:18:55 - R-7 Family of Rockets

00:34:05 - Yangel’s Hypergolic Rockets

00:46:10 - Universal Family Of Rockets

00:58:35 - N1 Rocket Engines

01:07:00 - Energia / Buran

01:15:25 - Soviet Engines Outside The Soviet Union

01:23:00 - Engines Too Cool To Not Talk About

01:29:50 - Summary

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