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End of Doggerland | The Storegga Slide Tsunami of 6170 BC

Since the ice age, life on Doggerland was never straight forward, turning from a lush savannah to icey tundra more than once, being covered in ash from the Laacher See Volcano in Germany 12,900 years, experiencing the freeze of the Younger Dryas and of course the affects of rising sea level and the sinking land.

But after all of that, the worst was still yet to come and around 6170 BC, the remaining parts of Doggerland that were still above sea level, such as the island of Dogger Bank as well as land to the south, felt the full force of a megatsunami, an event that would have devastated the island.

In this video I look into the Storegga Slide off the Norwegian coast, which led to the world natural disaster ever experienced in Britain and it also led to the death of the lost landmass of Doggerland.

All images and video footage are taken from Google Images and the below sources for educational purposes only.

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