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Dark Origins of The Most Successful Ancient Human

In this video, we'll explore the mysterious origins of the most successful ancient human: Homo erectus. Was he born in the cradle of humanity?

Homo erectus was a successful species that left behind a significant legacy. We'll explore their origins, their culture and their role in human history. This video is a fascinating look into the life and times of Homo erectus, and is sure to fascinate anyone interested in human evolution!

Evolution used to be a simple tale of humans evolving in Africa and then spreading Out of Africa to the far corners of the globe, but recent archaeological discoveries are calling this narrative into question.  

In point of fact, we have been told that Homo erectus was the first human to leave Africa, But an article published in the prestigious journal “Nature” writes that ‘Stone fragments found in Georgia suggest Homo erectus might have evolved outside Africa.”

Homo erectus was the largest, smartest, and fastest Hominid yet seen on Earth. Homo erectus, the extinct ancient human, is a species of firsts. It was the first of our ancestors to have human-like body proportions, with shorter arms and longer legs in comparison to its torso.

It was also thought to be the first known hominin to leave Africa and the first to cook food.

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