The Balochistan Sphinx Revisited | Drone Footage Solves Mystery

More than four years ago I made a video called the Mystery of the Balochistan Sphinx, after seeing an article published on Graham Hancock’s website by a Mr Bibhu Dev Misra.

He highlighted a section of the rocky landscape of the Makran coastline of Southern Balochistan in Pakistan, which he calls the Balochistan Sphinx. Misra believes what we are looking at is a badly eroded Egyptian-like Sphinx, complete with facial features and the Egyptian nemes headdress. He also pointed out reclining forelegs and paws.

Misra also pointed out a possible well-eroded Temple, complete with an entrance hall and vimana. He points out a smaller shrine, pillars carved into the temple’s boundary wall and even the actual entrance into the temple. there are apparently two eroded gods carved into the temple façade as well.

But there was always one huge problem with the Balochistan Sphinx hypothesis – we only ever saw it from one angle, and nobody is going to carve a huge Sphinx on top of a hill and make it 2-dimensional.

This weekend, Dr David Miano of the @World of Antiquity channel posted a link on Twitter, to drone footage showing a view of the Balochistan Sphinx from the other side, as well as from the front, back and above, and well, is this REALLY a Sphinx?

Watch the video to find out.

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Matt Sibson
Ancient Architects