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Paradoxes about the Universe that Challenge Our Understanding

Ten Fascinating Paradoxes about the Universe challenge our understanding.

The Universe is full of strange and surreal paradoxes that challenge our understanding of the world around us.

From the mysteries of quantum mechanics to the mind bending properties of black holes, the Universe presents us with a plethora of phenomena that defy our intuition and challenge our perceptions of reality.

This video lets you see some of the many things we do not understand in the Universe, and the strange and surreal paradoxes in what we think we understand.

00:00:00 | Introduction

00:00:43 | Everything we know represents just 5 percent of the Universe

00:01:11 | How many dimensions does the Universe have?

00:04:29 | What if our Universe is just one of a multitude out there?

00:05:40 | What is time?

00:07:50 | Particles violating the laws of nature?

00:09:23  | Are we alone in the Universe?

00:11:05 - Does the self-reference problem distort our perception of the Universe?

00:12:31 | Why is the Universe seemingly so perfect for us?

00:13:27 | Why is it easier to destroy something than to put it back together?

00:14:46  | Can anything escape a black hole?

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