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Stephen Wolfram | Big AI Reset | Get Ahead of 99% of People

Dr. Stephen Wolfram is a physicist and founder of Wolfram Research Inc. He is also recognized as the author of "A New Kind of Science," a groundbreaking work exploring computational systems and their implications in the natural world.

00:00 - Introduction

01:12 - Going from Highschool at 16 to PhD by 20 years old

15:27 - The story of starting Wolfram Research (and why he decided to bootstrap the company)

21:23 - Thinking in first principles

26:31 - Lessons learned on people management and leadership

31:40 - How to be extraordinary and position yourself for success

33:00 - What Wolfram's main skills are

41:15 - What to look for in co-founders

48:00 - How Wolfram makes big irreversible decisions

59:05 - Elon Musk's improvement process (and how Stephen thinks about product design, and decision making framework)

1:15:20 - Wolfram's relationship with money

1:25:00 - Using first principles to build wealth

1:35:30 - Artificial Intelligence

1:42:00 - How close are we to achieving AGI (and what the future could look like with AI)

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