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Starlink Could Be The End of Astronomy!

Can you believe that Starlink has just launched its 5000th satellite in Earth’s low orbit? That surely is a ton!

But little do you know, that is just the beginning of Elon Musk’s ambition to deploy over 42 thousand Starlink satellites. This means high-speed internet for everybody!

As beautiful as this dream seems for the common citizen who just wants to watch high-quality videos in the comfort of his home, this is an ultimate nightmare for the scientific community!

Their observations are being severely disturbed by the near earth objects, creating very long light streams when long exposure pictures are taken! Will we reach a time where stars will stop being accessible to us on Earth and the only way to see them is through pictures from space-based telescopes?

Are we ready to say goodbye to romantic stargazing nights in the desert or up in the mountains?

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