sky-news 2 years ago

Sleepy Joe Biden knows Impeachment is Coming

Republicans want Joe Biden to know it's "payback time" as the US President's legal team prepares for possible impeachment after the midterms on grounds of "incompetence," says Curtin University's Professor Joe Siracusa.

Mr Biden's legal team is preparing to defend against the possibility of impeachment if Republicans gain a majority in Congress after midterm elections.

"President Biden knows they're coming for him," Prof Siracusa told Sky News Australia.

"They're going after him, the kid (Hunter), they're going to go after his performance ... they're going to go after incompetence.

"Biden knows it's coming – he hired a very expensive fellow; he's going to be called special counsel and his only job is to keep President Biden out of jail.

"He may be a little tired and sleepy sometimes, but he was smart enough to hire a first class lawyer to represent him."

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