Scientists Reconstruct the Face of Pharaoh Ramesses the Great

In news this week, Scientists have reconstructed the face of arguably the greatest Ancient Egyptian ruler of all, Pharoah Ramesses II of the 19th dynasty.

Although the pharaoh died aged 90, which is quite the age for someone living 3,200+ years ago, using his mummified remains experts have reconstructed his face both in his prime – aged 45 – as well as in his old age.

The images show the pharaoh as the man, no headdress, jewellery or make-up and I've tried to mock up how he would have looked in full royal regalia.

Watch this video to learn more about what the scientists have done, and also more about Pharaoh Ramesses the Great.

All images are taken from the below sources and Google Images for educational purposes only.

Matt Sibson
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