Russia Issues 3 Demands to End War | No NATO Membership!

Props for stepping back and not being part of the propaganda machine... much respect for bringing integrity back to journalism.

I have teenagers and talk frankly with them about how history and culture influence understanding... imagine my delight when my 11 year old got her 6th grade class to have a legitimate conversation about the FACTS of what I happening in Ukraine... her teacher called yesterday kind of late around 8pm and had to talk to me about what happened in class.

Essentially the class was creating posters to 'stand with Ukraine'... my daughter asked to do something else because she didn't feel comfortable with the activity. Teacher accommodated... my daughter put together a 20 slide history of Ukraine, the Balkans, USSR, Russia, NATO and America...

I studied the Balkan Wars extensively at the War College in DC. It is a mire of lies, half truths, and rewritten history... teacher was blown away by the frank and concise information... when a classmate asked her if her info was all true, why did the news, teachers, and parents all say the opposite... cue her spark of snark...

'For 2 years we've worn a cloth diaper on our faces because 'smart adults' told us too... we were told to 'follow the science' but when REAL scientists stood in opposition to what we were told by the puppets on the evening news they were canceled...

Be CAREFUL when following the MASSES... sometimes the 'M' is silent...


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