thiojoe 7 months ago
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New Scams to Watch Out For in 2023

This video discusses seven new scams that are becoming popular.

Virtual kidnapping scams involve scammers who spoof a family member's phone number and pretend to have kidnapped them, possibly even with the help of technology that can clone someone's voice.

Self-checkout scams involve scammers scanning a gift card in the self-checkout and walking away, hoping someone will scan their items without noticing the gift card was already scanned.

One-time password stealing involves scammers pretending to be a bank or other service, and tricking people into handing over the verification code sent to a customer's phone.

Fake QR codes may be placed in public by scammers, often linking to malware, phishing sites, or non-normal payments.

Facebook marketplace scams often involve scammers overpaying for items and then asking for the difference to be sent back.

Text messages from your own number are usually sent by scammers pretending to be your phone carrier.

Student loan forgiveness scams involve scammers asking for fees or personal information in return for supposedly forgiving student loan debt.

The video also discusses four scams that I've previously made videos about: the pig butchering scam, business email compromise scams, PayPal email scams, and comment scams.

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