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Muhammad Ali Fighting Spirit

Explore the multifaceted life of Muhammad Ali, from his triumphant boxing career and charismatic showmanship to his impactful humanitarian efforts around the globe.

2009 Australian Sports Biography documentary directed by Lisa Hendry that meticulously chronicles the life of Muhammad Ali, one of the most iconic figures in sports history.

This documentary delves into the life of Muhammad Ali, not just as a legendary boxer who became the first to win the heavyweight title three times but also as a charismatic star and a dedicated humanitarian. With a blend of archival footage and interviews, the film captures Ali's dynamic persona in and out of the ring, his strategic prowess in boxing, his knack for captivating the public with his wit, and his enduring commitment to uplifting communities worldwide. It's a comprehensive look at Ali's journey, shedding light on his influential legacy that transcends sports.

Born Cassius Clay and later known as Muhammad Ali, "The Greatest" was not only a trailblazing boxer but also a charismatic public figure and a humanitarian. His achievements include winning the Olympic gold medal and becoming the first three-time heavyweight champion. Ali's prowess in the ring was matched by his wit and eloquence outside of it, making him one of the most beloved sports figures of the 20th century.

Director: Lisa Hendry

Stars: Muhammad Ali, Bert Sugar

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