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Missing Egyptian Pyramids | Lost 'Valley of the Kings?'

The title of this video hopefully has you intrigued because this is something that I stumbled across recently whilst researching the historic Arab claims regarding Ancient Egypt, and something I don’t think should be dismissed.

The period between the end of dynastic history all the way up to the 18th century AD is a time of great unknown for the study of Egyptology and although medieval Muslim and Arabic writings are not always credible and are often contradictory, they are packed with information that often goes overlooked and unnoticed.

The credible chronicler, Al-Idrisi, collated one specific account from a 'treasure hunters manual', that refers to about 70 pyramids on Mokattam Mountain. Of course, such pyramids are not recorded in the archaeological record today and either the account is untrue or they simply haven't been discovered.

In this video, I use the treasure hunters manual and Google Earth as I attempt to make an incredible discovery - the location of 70 lost Egyptian pyramids close to Giza and Cairo. Is this a lost 'Valley of the Kings' of Northern Egypt? Watch the video to learn more!

All images are taken from Google Images, Google Maps and Google Earth for educational purposes only.

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