Matt Wolfe | The Most Insane Week of AI News

Here's all the AI news from the week that you might have missed.

00:00 Intro

00:12 MidJourney Style Tuner

03:22 Meta EMU Art Generator

04:21 AI Copyright Win

06:07 AI Art Contest (Win Money)

08:51 Google AI Product Images

09:20 Luma Text-To-3D

10:45 Stability Text-To-3D

11:52 Text-To-3D World With NeRFs

12:46 Runway Gen-2 Gets An Update

14:54 Kaiber Gets Mobile App

15:22 ChatGPT "All-in-One" Update

16:53 Bard Responds in Real Time

17:33 Brave Browser's New AI "Leo"

18:26 Instagram's AI Friend (Leaked)

19:26 Phind Beats GPT-4 At Coding

20:39 Poe Allows Creator Monetization

21:58 Google Invests $2B in Anthropic

22:53 Apple's Scary Fast Event

23:57 Biden's Executive Order

26:55 AI Safety Summit

28:15 New Beatles Song

28:50 Doritos New AI?

29:11 AI Detects Diabetes With Voice

29:46 AI is Word of the Year

30:07 Final Thoughts

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